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Mini Kendrick Trunk

Color Ombré Salvator Lizard
Product Variants

Our Mini Kendrick Trunk in Ombré Salvator Lizard Leather with Gold Hardware

Our Ombré Salvator Collection features a unique lizard pattern for each handbag.

Designed in New York

Item Details

5.8”W x 4.3”H x 3"D
Shoulder Strap: 18"-22"

heavy cotton dust bag
crossbody strap
custom box

Reference number:810078273370


100% Genuine Ombré Salvator Lizard Skin
Gold metalware
Microfiber suede fabric

Care Guide

<p><strong>Lizard Leather care</strong></p>

<p>Like most natural materials, keep the bag in a well ventilated area and preferably inside a dust bag. Using a lightly damp cloth, wipe the lizard skin clean and wipe moisture right away with a dry towel. It is always advised to use a conditioner specifically made for crocodile skin. Never store in plastic containers or bags, as this can trap moisture within the material and promote cracking of the skin. For heavy stains and grease, lanolin-based leather cleaners will typically fix the problem. Always test a small section first! Avoid taking your bag out during rainy weather and using artificial heat (like a blow dryer) to dry because it will damage the skin. It is advised to take your bag to a professional exotic skin cleaner every year. Store in dust bags provided when not in use.</p>

Mini Kendrick Trunk
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