Jacqueline Bag


Our Jacqueline in Beige Linen with Gold Brass hardware

Designed in New York City 

Item Details

10.63” L x 6” H x 1.6” W


Heavy Cotton Dust Bag

Custom box

Reference Number: 810118395703



Brass hardware

Microfiber Suede lining

Care Guide

Linen Care

Light stains can be removed with a slightly - wet almost - dry damp cloth. Wipe stains from your bag using a white damp cloth with warm water. Wipe down with careful but firm motions until the stain begins to fade. It’s important to wring out all excess water from the cloth before wiping your bag. Move the cloth around leather trimming, buttons, insertions or appliques to make sure they stay safe. Allow the bag to dry completely before using again.

For severe stains, please visit a professional cleaning service.

Jacqueline Bag
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