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Mini Kendrick Trunk

Color Powder Blue Terrycloth
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Our Mini Kendrick Trunk in Powder Blue Terrycloth with Silver Hardware

A mini night-out bag that can hold a few essentials like keys and some cash

Item Details

Dimensions: 5.8" W x 4.3" H x 3" D
Shoulder Strap: 18" - 22"

cotton dust bag
crossbody strap
custom box

Reference number:810078271727


silver metalware
microfiber suede fabric

Care Guide

Terrycloth care

The nature of terry cloth bags makes them particularly prone to pick up dirt and satins. Avoid rubbing, foreign contact, and direct pressure with any other materials. If stains are visible, massage liquid non-abrasive soap in the area. Using a damp cloth and further massage until the stain is gone. Wash off remaining soap with a clean damp clean cloth. Allow the bag to dry completely overnight. Once dry, fluff up bag. Repeat process as necessary.

Brandon Blackwood New York - Mini Kendrick Trunk - Powder Blue Terrycloth
Mini Kendrick Trunk
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