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Jumbo Kuei Bag

Color Black Shearling
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Our Jumbo Kuei Bag in Black Shearling with Silver Hardware and Smooth Leather Details 

Designed in New York City

Item Details

 14”W x 10”H x 5”D
Handle Drop: 4.75"
Shoulder Strap: 21"-23.5"  
Function: Large Handbag/ Cross-body Bag


Heavy Cotton Dust Bag
Removable Strap
Custom Box


Genuine shearling, Genuine smooth leather
Silver Hardware
Microfiber Suede Lining

Care Guide

Shearling Care

With shearling, the wool side of the material may pick up debris and dirt. Remove smaller to larger pieces with a pair of tweezers to avoid tangling the wool. It is okay to use a naturally-derived mild shampoo, free of dyes, phthalates, sulfates, and parabens, to lightly wipe shearling. Do not allow the moisture to soak through the backside of the material. We also recommend taking to a leather specialist if heavily stained. Shearling is a natural material, it’s necessary to make sure you store your shearling items in something that allows them to breathe. Never store in plastic containers or bags, as this can trap moisture within the material. Do not store in direct lighting or in high temperatures, as this will cause the shearling the fade and dry out which can potentially lead to cracking. One of the only factors that are necessary to keep in mind is that it is an elastic material and will stretch over time. Handbags should not be overstuffed or laden with heavy items to avoid stretching and potential tearing.

Jumbo Kuei Bag
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