The namesake brand was founded by Jamaican / Chinese designer Brandon Blackwood. Blackwood grew up in both New York and Tokyo, with shorter stays around Southern Asia. After completing school at Bard College, Brandon launched a four piece collection of  handbags, spring of 2015. The brand garnered immediate attention with press coverage in ELLE, Vogue, WWD, amongst other fashion publications.

From the initial four piece collection , Brandon Blackwood has grown into a contemporary  goods line with a solid range of handbags, trunks, backpacks, and small accessories.

The Brandon Blackwood philosophy has always been that ones accessory should be a mixture of classic and current sensibility . This approach to aesthetic leads to timeless silhouettes, high quality detailing, and unparalleled materials. Every Brandon Blackwood piece relays a strong juxtaposition between being trend-forward yet lasting. There is a strong sensibility throughout every collection, and the Blackwood customer is not afraid to accessorize it.

The brand celebrates quality artisanal skills from all over the world and the craftsmen behind them. Materials are always sourced responsibly. Products are then completed by exceptional fair-trade craftsmen in Asia, Europe, and the US. Unethical labor practices are never an option.