Belt Bags: The Definitive Buyer’s Guide



Don’t get us wrong; we’re an equal opportunity bag buyer. We like to view it as curation. Hand bags? Yes. Crossover bags? Yes. A bag so small it can only fit a credit card and chapstick? Yes. There is a time and a place for every bag, and you know we’re going to act accordingly.

That said, recently, we’ve been a little biased towards one bag in particular.

Reader, it’s the Braulio Belt Bag.

If you have a belt bag in your life, you know how quickly it can become your go-to for everyday wear. Forget (if only briefly) how cute and versatile the style is. The fact is, belt bags are useful. When we’re running around the city running errands, shopping, or going out for an action-packed night, belt bags are seriously our best friends.

We know how it is to feel weary of a so-called trendy bag. It’s true that belt bags came back in a big way over the last couple of years since their first peak in the 90s, but we promise you the belt bag of today is not the fanny pack of yesterday. With quality materials and sleek design, our Braulio Belt Bag is here to stay — it’s a new classic.

Keep reading for your ultimate guide on what makes the belt bag a wardrobe favorite and how you can approach buying one for the first time. 

Why You Need a Belt Bag in Your Life

Picture this scenario and let us know when it starts to feel familiar: You’re standing at a cashier, trying to make a purchase. Insert whatever fab article of clothing you’ve been eyeing for a while. The cashier says the price, and you open your purse to pull out your wallet, except… where is it? 

Your wallet has gone MIA. You dig, tossing aside your makeup and your book and whatever else. Finally, you have to literally remove everything else in your bag to find your wallet. 

We’ve all been there.

Purses can hold so much, and that’s their power as well as their downfall. When you’re rushing around, you don’t need that kind of headache.

This is where the belt bag comes in.

We can’t emphasize enough how this style has totally transformed our day-to-day life. There’s just something about having your essential items close to your body and easily accessible. We feel freer, walking around with our hands and shoulders free of a purse.

If you know, you know. Belt bags are game-changers. 

How Utility And Luxury Go Hand in Hand

It can be tempting to look at the belt bag style and say that it’s about utility, not luxury, but we respectfully have to disagree.

We all have rainy day purses; those special bags we saved for and save for special occasions. The birthday presents, the because-I’m-worth-it buys, the bags that stay in our carts for months until we’re finally ready to take the plunge.

And yet, there’s something so right about purchasing a quality bag you’ll use every day. The items that we use the most are alsothe ones we need to be investing in. Wear-and-tear is normal on any bag, and belt bags are no exception. That’s why we need to be outfitting ourselves with quality materials, fine craftsmanship, and luxury styling.

If you’ve ever purchased a bag that’s fallen apart on you after one season, you know what we’re talking about.

On that note, allow us to formally introduce our Braulio Belt Bag, a Brandon Blackwood fan favorite, often a sold-out style, that absolutely never compromises on craft. Like ever. 

How To Choose the Right Belt Bag for You

Ready for a belt bag in your life? Love that for you.

Here’s our definitive guide to choosing the right belt bag:


Sorry if we’re a broken record on quality, but for us, that’s where the conversation on bags starts and ends. A cute bag made with poor materials may be here for a good time, but it’s definitely not here for a long time.

In this day and age, knowing what we know about fast fashion and how much clothing ends up in the dump, investing in a quality bag is about more than just shopping for luxury. It’s a decision that good things are worth investing in and that you are very much worth it.

If you’ve never purchased a designer handbag before, we know it can feel daunting. Our best advice is to look closely at the materials, the lining, and the hardware.

Here’s a breakdown:

The Materials

There have been incredible strides in the vegan leather game over the last few years. Many of our styles are available in vegan leather if that’s your thing. That said, our Braulio Belt Bags are made from 100% cowhide leather. You can feel the difference once you get your hands on it.

The Lining

Some bags, even luxury bags, will go hard on the exterior and then totally skimp on the interior when it comes to quality. Our Braulio Belt Bags are lined in microsuede, so your most important belongings are getting that refined experience too. We’re obsessed with reaching into it, honestly.

The Hardware

This one’s so important. You want to pay close attention to the quality of the metal on a zip bag, ensuring both that the zipper works correctly and smoothly and that the ‘silver’ hardware isn’t painted metal in disguise. Our Braulio Belt Bag has silver metalware that effortlessly ties into any outfit.

Even if you’re a total bag beginner, the fact is you know the difference between a well-made bag from the moment you set your eyes and hands on it. Our mission is to make these fine goods more accessible to everyone. There’s a lot of work to do in the fashion industry, but we believe we’re on the right, gorgeous track.


Like we said, belt bags have had a major moment recently. Walk the streets of New York, and you’ll see so many varieties of this staple, whether it’s worn around the waist or across the torso.

You’ll also see that just because something’s in style, doesn’t mean that it’s working in every way shape and form. We’re partial to clean lines, simple but refined styling, and smooth leather that accentuates your outfit rather than distracting from it.

A bag can be a statement, but the statement has to be cute.

Our Braulio Belt Bag passes that test with flying colors. Simple, effortless, and chic, it’s the perfect companion to any look.


Lastly, you want to think about colors. Right now, our Braulio Belt Bag comes in two colors: Black and White. If you’ve been following us for a while or just for a minute, you know that we love color. There’s no shortage of fun, poppy colors in our handbag collection. At the same time, we know the power of a neutral.

For something like a belt bag, where you’re going to be wearing it all the time and pairing it with so many different looks, a neutral color just makes sense. You want something that will just work every time.

Choosing between our Black Belt Bag and our White Belt Bag is a personal choice. Do you want something that pops based on what you wear most days or something that blends in? You do you. Either way, we know you’re going to look cute. 

How To Style Your Belt Bag

Last but definitely not least, let’s talk about styling our Braulio Belt Bag. We’re not kidding when we say this item is ver-sa-tile.

Our Braulio Belt Bag comes with the bag, plus an extra exterior removable pouch, which can easily hold cards or cash. It can be worn across the body — over your shoulder, with the strap attaching at your back or on your front, depending on where you want the bag to sit.

Or it can be worn around the waist. Same idea: this bag looks cute both on your hip, at the center of your waist, or in the back. The styling options are really endless.

It’s also got fully adjustable straps with a lot of wiggle room because every body is different and that is a power, not a problem. 

Wear it over your coat or under your coat. Wear it with a fitness set and sneakers or with a slip dress and heels. The Braulio Belt Bag goes with everything, it’s not even funny.

Every Season Is Belt Bag Season

Clearly, we think the belt bag has proven its place in the Brandon Blackwood world, and we hope by now it’s earned a spot in yours. From errands to a night out, the Braulio Belt Bag is the perfect go-to for utility, luxury, and style.

We’re obsessed with seeing how everyone styles their Braulio Belt Bags so if you do make the purchase, be sure to tag us on Instagram. Happy shopping, Cousins!



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