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Card Holders

The most important job for a card holder is in its title; It holds your cards.

Credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, gift cards, business cards, and whatever else you might need.

You may have a leather wallet with a leather strap securing all of the contents inside or a long wallet with a zipper. What you don’t have — and what you need — is a Brandon Blackwood card holder.

Our Signature Bamboo B Card Holder

With a simple layout but a visually striking design, our card holder can simply be slipped into the pocket of your purse and stay snug, safe, and easy to find. For many, that makes it a way better option than a standard wallet, which might not fit in your fav mini bag. If you like to think of yourself as a minimalist, our card holder was made with you in mind. It’s minimalism and luxury together.

The card holder itself is a sleek case with bamboo trimming around the edges. There are six pockets for your cards, but you’ve got some room for a few more when you really need to squeeze them in. We know how it is — sometimes you need to stick a few bills or business cards in there, too.

While some may not think it’s big enough, that’s hardly the case. It’ll get you all the essential functionality that comes with a wallet — minus all the unnecessary stuff. Plus, our card holder brings a lot to the table in terms of fashion.

This card holder will look divine in your hands with practically any and all outfits. It’s a versatile accessory that serves a purpose — and looks fine while doing it.

Why You Need a Card Holder

Sometimes, you don’t want to carry a wallet or purse. We feel you. There are moments when you need your hands free but still want your ID and credit card with you.

If that’s the case, you need a card holder. You can easily swap it out for your purse or wallet and head out the door. Pair it with a key holder, and you’re good to go.

Styling a Card Holder

You already know this, but card holders are versatile as hell. They look right in just about any context, including both formal and casual fits. Whatever the occasion, you can tie together an outfit with one of these.

Our biggest tip for styling a card holder is to color coordinate. It’s easy to forget that your accessories can make or break an outfit — and color makes all the difference. Choose your card holder’s color based on the hues you most commonly like to wear, and you can’t go wrong.
Neutral colors are always a safe bet for accessories, but they’re not your only options. More vibrant colors can also fit in with your favorite outfits if you know how to make them work. The key is finding another accessory or piece of apparel that matches, even if it’s just a hat or pair of sunglasses.

Caring for Your Card Holder

Our card holder is a luxury wallet alternative that also serves as a stylish accessory. It’s easy to maintain, too; simply clean it with clean hands and a lukewarm towel. Moisturize the surface with a leather conditioner once a year to keep this bad boy in its best condition.

If your card holder gets a lot of heavy wear and tear, you might want to clean and condition it a bit more often. The most important aspect of caring for your card holder is a frequent wipe-down with a damp cloth. Cleaning and conditioning are helpful extras, but we know you live a busy life. Do these cleaning steps when you can, but don’t stress.

The same cleaning and care steps apply to all Brandon Blackwood luxury leather goods. If you have one of our leather handbags, you can make a habit of cleaning it at the same time as your card holder. That’ll save you some time and keep all your accessories looking fresh.

Luxury in the Limelight

At Brandon Blackwood, we’re all about making luxury fashion that starts trends and breaks barriers. If you want a stylish card holder to hold all your essentials, that’s definitely in the cards for you.

You can pair your card holder with a Brandon Blackwood bag or just use it on its own. Either way, you’ve got both fashion and function — space for your cards and cash, plus a stylish accessory to elevate your outfits. What’s better than that? We’ll wait.

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